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1st artistry trend : The era of Bespoke in 2024

In 2024, the era of personalization reaches new heights. 

1st artistry trend The era of Bespoke

Art and interactivity become essential dimensions in meeting the need for personalization in events of all kinds.

Since 2021, personalized and immersive entertainment have been at the heart of our DNA, making every moment tailor-made for our customers.

  • Total Immersion : Immersion in the spaces and at the heart of the event through sensory and spectacular experiences is a major artistry trend in 2024. Guests need to be engaged and close to the entertainment in order to feel involved, and thus potentially generate content and, above all, emotion.

Total inmersion artistry trends 2024

  • Creating Unique Connections : The art of personalization and interactivity redefines connections between brands and participants. Every interaction becomes an opportunity to forge unique and memorable bonds.

Luxury and Sporting Activities Fusion artistry trends 2024

  • Luxury and Sporting Activities Fusion : In harmony with the 2024 Olympic Games, the world of luxury is integrating sports themes into their event projects.  Our approach aligns with this trend, with our desire to create artistic experiences focused on sport and its values during this year. Thanks to our bespoke creative services and extensive network of artists, we can imagine a thousand ways to create an Olympic-oriented entertainment experience.

2nd artistry trend : All that Jazz

2nd artistry trends 2024  All that Jazz

Jazzing Up the Luxury Event Scene

Jazz, a timeless genre, takes center stage as a dominant trend in 2024, bringing its distinctive allure to luxury events. Notably, Pinterest registers +180% of searches on Jazz outfit aesthetics and +105% on Piano Jazz.

Its versatility allows it to adapt seamlessly to a variety of atmospheres, making it a constant favorite for luxury events. The improvisational element of jazz resonates with event organizers looking for unique, unpredictable experiences. It's also a style of music that suits bold covers of titles beloved by millennials and Gen Z.

In complete intimacy

In 2024, the refinement of exclusivity and more intimate events are favored over larger-scale events. This is where personalization takes on its full meaning, as it's easier to reach out emotionally to a smaller number of guests. The feeling of being part of a privileged experience makes it easier for guests to connect with one another and keep lasting memories.

3th artistry trend : Multifaceted Nuptials

3th artistry trends 2024 Multifaceted Nuptials

Return of the '70s Vibe

1970s-inspired weddings are making a dazzling comeback in 2024. Pinterest registers +170% of searches for "groovy wedding" and +50% for "70s bride".

Dive into the world of Studio 54 and disco to give your wedding a fabulous sparkle...

Images : Rêvarte Entertainment, Benoit Sainte-Marie, Hugo Véricel, Cédric Vasnier, Lila Brown, Allan Zepeda


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