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Why choose us?

Born from a shared journey on a renowned stage, our brand emerged as a collective vision.

Inspired by our artistic careers, we ventured into a new realm, driven by a passion to craft unforgettable experiences.

Each of us contributes a unique skillset, blending creativity and dedication to bring tailor-made artistry to life.

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The Possibilities


For a 100% personalized experience

Our tailor-made service aims to offer you a fully personalized creative experience, aligned with your brief, budget, dedicated spaces and the nature of your artistic aspirations.


We concretize our ideas through mood boards and notes of intent, establishing mock-ups for all artistic aspects such as costumes, sets, make-up, hairstyles, lighting, etc. Once the concepts have been validated, we turn your entertainment into reality in our workshops.

From our repertoire

To transform the existing into the exclusive

We offer our customers the opportunity to choose the entertainment of their choice from our existing catalog. Our aim remains to offer you an original and exclusive experience. To this end, we adapt and transform our previous creations to suit your event: music, casting, staging, and so on. Every element is adjusted to your wishes and vision.

Choose us for boundless creativity

With us, you're not following the rules; you're rewriting them.

Infuse life into extraordinary moments that forge everlasting memories.

Let us guide you through a realm of possibilities, where each event becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

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  • What services does RêvARTe offer?
    RêvARTe provides : Bespoke entertainment Talent sourcing Costume and set design Choreography and staging.
  • Where is your team based?
    RêvARTe, born in 2019 in Paris, has grown into a global presence, working on events both in France and internationally. While our main teams are based in Paris, our services are offered worldwide. As a testament to our global reach, we have recently expanded to Asia, with the establishment of a new branch in Bali in 2023.
  • What types of artists does RêvARTe work with?
    We collaborate with all kinds of artists, from dancers to singers and more. The focus is on discovering rare talents to offer a unique and memorable experience.
  • Will your team be present on-site during events?
    Yes, there will always be a RêvARTe manager on-site to ensure smooth coordination and management throughout the event.
  • How does RêvARTe work with clients?
    RêvARTe engages in artistic coordination, providing comprehensive support and advice to clients from the initial concept to the final execution of the event.
  • How are your in-house costumes created?
    RêvARTe's costumes are meticulously designed and crafted in-house to ensure a unique and high-quality aesthetic for each performance.
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