RêvARTe creates tailor made artistic content for your events. There is no limit for your dreams, our job is to make them come to life with breathtaking entertainment. 


RêvARTe creates tailor made artistic content for your events. There is no limit for your dreams, our job is to make them come to life with breathtaking entertainment. 


Each and every one of our creations will be tailored to your needs. No matter how impossible your vision may seem, our team is here to help you turn it into reality.




Our casting process is very thorough, and that’s why we ensure that all of our artists will best match your expectations.



Every event is a new adventure and we face it with passion and excitement. 

Our team is always ready to design the best entertainment for your event. From dancers to singers, musicians to attractions, we will make sure that every design is unique. 



Our choreographers work tirelessly in order to create the most jaw dropping production numbers. Style and history research is essential to reflect the theme of your events. 



Costume creation is one of the pillars of our company. Costumes allow us to take you on a magical journey. The designs and manufacturing of our costumes take place directly in our Parisian atelier, allowing us to closely follow the whole process.



Our extensive experience in stage direction will allow us to not only find the best fit for your event, but also push the limits of the unknown to create an immersive experience.




RêvARTe was born in a little home studio in Paris where, surounded by posters of old Revue shows and Fashion Books, three friends from France and Italy spent their nights watching videos of productions and talking about costumes.


After years of experience in the most famous cabarets in the world working as performers and costumes makers, the trio decided to combine their passion and expertise to create a company inspired by entertainment, art, fashion and everything they find beautiful.


Since then, RêvARTe has grown to be a fully established Entertainment Company, where attention to detail is the key to a great creation, a product that will astonish you and will blur the line between dream and reality before your very eyes.


Captivated from a young age by costume and couture, Clement joined a fashion school in the region surrounding the French city of Tours. His passion for live performance and cabaret in particular naturally lead him to the grandes maisons parisiennes such as the house of MBV, where he participated in the creation of costumes for Holiday on Ice, Disneyland Paris, the National Opera of Paris, and finally the Bal du Moulin Rouge, which he joined in 2012 as a dressmaker and dresser for the revue show Féerie. Concurrently, Clement worked on several projects with, to name a few, Cabaret Sublimes Paris, photographer Ludovic Baron and fashion designer Nouredinne Amir… In 2018, he participated in the creation of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show at Folies Bergere Theatre in Paris. Clement is one of the cofounders of RêvARTe and, thanks to his extensive experience with costume and fashion, supervises the costume department and aides in the creative process for each project.

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Born in Gaeta, a small town near Rome, Italy, Simone started his dancing studies at the age of 13 at a local studio. He then moved to Rome to take his training further, and graduated from the National Dance Academy in Rome. 

Whilst training at the National Academy, he performed in the ensemble for the Grand 

Ballet Excelsior and had the opportunity to work as assistant to Bill Goodson, choreographer of the Moulin Rouge. After working for two years for the cruise line Costa, Simone moved to London and worked for companies as Qdos, Disney and Bollywood before embarking upon the N.1 UK tour of New Jersey Nights.

Simone then auditioned for the world famous cabaret “Lido De Paris” and integrated the cast of the new Revue Show Paris Merveilles, directed by Franco Dragone, in 2015.

His passion for events, choreography and artistic direction leads him to co-found RêvARTe in 2018.

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Trained in dance (ballet, contemporary, jazz) from a young age at the Mireille Bony-Legat, the Dominique Gimet, and the CNR of Saint-Etienne schools in the Stéphanoise region of France, Jérémy was one of the original dancers for Aurélie Badol’s Young Wild Ballet in 2010. He debuted his professional career in 2011, working for brands such as Chanel, Lacoste, Hermès, Cartier, Adidas, Nike x Olivier Rousteing, Chloé, Jaeger Lecoultre, Uniqlo, Carven, etc… after being introduced to choreographers duo I could never be a dancer and dancing for numerous events, clips, and television programs.

Jérémy joined the Lido de Paris in 2012 for Pierre Rambert’s revue show Bonheur and later participated in the creation of the show Paris Merveilles directed by Franco Dragone in 2015.

His equally ardent passion for costume design and show production has led him naturally to cofound RêvARTe in 2018.

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Years of experience in the art of making costumes, the will to always look for new materials and techniques to both manufacture and design, and our team of designers and tailors are only some of the factors that make our atelier the perfect choice for your event.

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There is no limit for dreams.





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