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5 Key moments of the behind the scene !

5 key moments of the behind the scene

1. Pre Production


Every new project is a source of excitement, with thousands of questions and solutions to be found. Pre-production consists of a number of stages that are essential to the smooth running of the event.

pre production Rêvarte - behind the scene

Assembling teams, choosing materials, drawing up contracts, setting budgets, musical and choreographic research, schedules, roadmaps, logistics and so on. So many steps behind the glitter and lights and the long hours spent in front of our computers, sewing machines and rehearsal studio mirrors.

2. Design & Creation

design and creation illustration - behind the scene

Once the concepts have been validated, we enter the most creative phase: the design and production of our services. Long hours are required to develop a costume model or a scenographic rendering. Then it's down to detailed analysis with our teams to select the materials that will be in the capable hands responsible for bringing these ideas to life!

3. Costume fittings & rehearsals

costume fittings - behind the scene Rêvarte

Then it's the artists' turn, or almost the artists' turn, as we meet with them in advance of our events for studious rehearsals and fittings, so that we can adjust each element as precisely as possible.

4. Make up & Hair

make up and haire - behind the scene revarte

We also meet with and brief our make-up artists and hairdressers, using mood boards specially dedicated to styling the artists in harmony with the theme of the event. Nothing is left to chance, and we're convinced that meticulous make-up and hairstyling, in keeping with the event, make all the difference.


Showtime - behind the scene revarte

When everyone's ready, it's time to shine the spotlight on our guests! The joyful atmosphere backstage is contagious, which is why it's so important for us to be perfectly prepared on the big day. This meticulous preparation allows us to work stress-free, ensuring the creation of a moment as enjoyable as it is memorable for our customers and teams. Our aim is to combine creativity and professionalism to deliver an unforgettable experience, leaving a positive mark on every event.


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